Harrison Brown Music

Hello, all. I’m a songwriter working in the Atlanta area. I play solo, just me and a couple of guitars. I play both original songs (as what is shown on this site) and covers. Although it is not by design, most of my cover songs are pretty obscure. I play songs by writers whom I respect or whose songs I find compelling. That leaves out a lot of popular music, but that is mostly due to the Law of Big Numbers. There are simply far more obscure songs out there than well-known ones.

The songs on this site are mostly “band” arrangements. I put “band” in quotes because, thanks to the magic of multi-tracking, I can play each instrument one at a time and do vocals similarly. That way it can sound like a band on a recording, but is really only one person: me.

I hope you take a listen and let me know what you think. See you in the bars!